Wednesday, 20 February 2013

OUGD406- Workshop brief- Indesign (Hedgehog)

For this brief I am required to design a double page spread based upon the subject matter, 'Hedgehog.' The article must have 500 words and contain at least three images.


I got in touch with a student from the college that studies photography and that has a pet hedgehog. She kindly sent me some photos that she took and has given me permission to use them in my design.

Photography by Hannah Slater

Images From Internet


I have found a collection of short poems about hedgehogs:

The Hedgehog

The hedgehog sleeps the
Winter through.
He doesn’t get up like me or you
Nobody pulls him out of bed
Nobody calls him a sleepy head
He doesn’t get up till the
flowers are out
What do you think he dreams

Little Hedgehog

A hungry little hedgehog
Comes snuffling late at night
But when I go to see him
He rolls himself up tight
He turns into a prickly ball
With head and feet inside
This clever little hedgehog
Has the perfect way to hide


Where do you go in wintertime
Oh hedgehog so sharp and small?
I hide myself under fallen leaves
And sleep like a curled up ball.

Harry Hedgehog

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
saw a tasty treat

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
thought the taste so sweet

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
licked his sticky lips

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
spitting out the pips 

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
looked around for more

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
ate an apple core

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
rolled into a ball

Harry hedgehog in the hedgerow
loved the fruits of fall


Something in my garden 

Small dark and stout. 

Is it coming in?
Or maybe going out? 

Hidden in the long grass

Almost out of sight

Edging in slowly 

In case it gets a fright. 

Little beady eyes

Long thin nose

Sharp bent clause

On little hairy toes.

As it scurries off quickly
To winter hibernate

I see the snow is coming

Hope he's not too late.

Hedge in my shed

At the bottom of the garden
I walked in to my shed
There I saw a hedgehog
Curled up in his bed
As I put the light on
He opened up his eyes
This must have disturbed him
And caught him by surprise
Then I saw him move
And walk across the floor
Then I saw him leave
As he walked on through the door 

I went back in the morning
Because he was in my head  
And there he was again
Tucked up in his bed.

Hedgehog and toad

I saw a little hedgehog
Trying to cross the road
Getting to the other side
To see his friend the toad
Of into the field
They both went to play
Away from the road
Where the danger lay

There they played for hours
In amongst the sheep
Until they both got tired
And both fell fast asleep

Sleepy hedgehog

I saw a little hedgehog
Curled up in ball
Lying there so still
Beside the garden wall

He looked very peaceful
In his little bed

Lying there so still
I thought that he was dead

Then he began to move
And opened up his eyes

And stretched his little body
To its normal size

Then he wandered off
As happy as can be

Down the garden path
So wild and yet so free

Ladybird Tale

There was a little ladybird
And she was very sad 

She had lost her spots
The only ones she had 

Noticed by a hedgehog
Who was walking by 

He had seen the ladybird
As she began to cry 

Then he ask the ladybird
What was the reason why 

I have lost my spots she said
And don’t know what to do 

Hedgehog said don’t worry
Ill find them again for you 

So they started looking
In the forest ground 

When hedgehog saw a leaf
And on it something round 

I have found your spots he said
Now you can have them back 

Then off they walked together
Down the forest track.


The content I have sourced for my double page spread is aimed at children so I want to create a simple layout with illustrations to work along side type and image.

General Research

The images below are the kind of illustrations I might possibly create for my spread.

Editorial design research

I have looked at publications aimed towards children to give me an idea of layouts, fonts and illustrations.


These are some fonts I have sourced from the internet that I think will be appropriate to the content.

Orange Juice


Barthowheel Regular

Curse Casual


I have found some textures that I might use in my spread.

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