Thursday, 30 January 2014

OUGD503- JuiceIT Branding Research


The image above gave me the idea to use similar colours for each product in the range. I had a look some fruits that have vibrant colours to see if I could incorporate them.

As the products are chargers I want to communicate this in the logo, something similar to the image below.

Primary Research

I went to the Apple shop to have a look at some of the packaging and logos for similar products. I really like the colours used and the client has suggested similar colours so I now have a good idea of what colours I want to use.

I found this billboard in Trinity shopping center and it  gave me the idea of using the segments of the inside of fruit in the logo.

Existing Logos

The client requested for a logo that has splashes of juice and dripping effects but I think a simple minimal design will much better suit the context and the product so I have been looking at some logos with similar ideas. 

I want to try and use negative space in my design like the logo above. I think it works to communicate a clinical professional logo.

I was thinking about what kind of typeface to use, I like the hand-drawn fonts but I don't want it look like a logo for a juice bar so Im thinking a sans-serif font might work best to reflect the product.

Flat Logos

I like the flat illustration used in this logo, I will be using vectors to create the logo so I want to create something like this.

Rendered Logos 

These logos look more rendered and software based. I think they look more like software logos rather than USB products. However I like the colours used.

Symbol Logos

I have been looking at logos that are image based as well as logos with type. I think I want to include both type and image in my design.

This logo has two meanings throughout the use of the power symbol and drip shape. I need to think of something like this for my design as the client mentioned they wanted the logo to communicate fruit juice and juice; as in putting juice in it/ fuel.

I like the logo above, I think a Simple flat logo would work best and stand out with the right colour choices.

Fruit/Splash Images

The client mentioned having juice dripping from the logo so I had a look at realistic looking images and illustrative. I think the realistic looking images could make the logo look to much like a juice brand like I mentioned before so I think I will need To stay away from this style.

The vector images below caught my eye, I am wanting to create something similar for the image part of the logo.


There could be a possibility of designing new packaging for the products if The client decides to use my design so I had a quick look at some existing packaging for similar products to see what kind of formats are used.  

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

OUGD503- Jacked Lincoln- Promotion Research

The company that I created the logo and branding for have been back in touch and have asked me to design the posters and flyers for the events.


The colours in the image above are similar to the ones I used in the other work I did for them so I'm thinking it might be a good idea to use the same colours for the first poster so people will associate the poster with the brand.

The Tape Mag Prints

I really like these tapeMag prints.There more illustrative which is something I will need to think about. I won't to try and balance illustration with type if its appropriate, I think it will depend on the amount of information that needs to go on them.

The image above has a really nice texture to it, the poster will be printed digitally so I would like like to replicate this style.

The design above has a grimy feel to it which I think will communicate the style of music really well.

Bridging the Gap Poster series

I really like these Bridging the Gap poster series, they have modernist tendencies which i think really suits electronic music. I the company want me to continue making the event posters after the first one I will be wanting to create a series like this so the event has a real strong identity and the product will be seen as something to keep that fans can put on their wall.


I will need to design some A6 flyers asell so I had a quick look at some examples to see how information can be laid out on a smaller scale.

The flyers will be double sided so I think the front will need to be simple with lots of impact to make them stand out.

The back of the flyer will have the majority of the information on so it will need to be simple for readability/legibility. 

90's Theme Research