Monday, 28 April 2014

OUGD505- Studio Brief 2 Research

I am going to brand a music venue called Frankies that plays vintage Chicago house music. The aesthetics and colours will need to reflect this and be applied across a range of media.

This CD cover is the kind of thing I would like to design, a cd was one of the things on my list to design so I am going to create a design for a promotional cd.

I like the use of lines in the image above. I think it gives a real retro feel.

O range is used a lot on the old vinyl labels so this could be a possibility to use in my design.

I will have to propose the signage and interior elements. I like this design because it uses two perspectives. This could make it more interesting.

These old book covers are beautiful. The shapes and space used are really striking with good colour combinations.

I have been looking at soul and funk sleeves for inspiration as the Chicago sound was off the back of the funk and disco scene.

The Craig Charles club is a similar venue to the one I am wanting to brand, it plays the same style of music and uses simple lines and block colours. Again, orange is heavily featured.

The designs above are icon labels used on Chicago house music sleeves. I would like to use the same shapes and adapt it to be used on beer bottles. I think this will be a nice touch and link back to my research.

I like the font used on the vinyl above. I think the block shapes with the lines works well and has impact.

I like the idea of using a vinyl in my designs. I could use this for a hand stamp or coasters.....

I would like to use some Frankie quotes somewhere in my designs so typographic posters or wall designs is a possibility.

I like the cured circular shapes use here. I want my designs to be inviting and friendly to communicate a family mentality that was associated with the Wharehouse Club in Chicago.

I like the colours in the images above, I find them soothing and retro.

This design uses shapes with images inside the shapes. I could use images of Frankie Knuckles or icon images in this style to be displayed inside the venue on the walls.

This design has a slit down the middle, this reminded me of the hotdog books that I learnt in a workshop. This could be a good way of making a little booklet or program. 

I could design things similar to this to use as way finding or interior designs. I really like the simplicity and use of negative space.

I want to use geometric forms throughout the range because I think it represents the music really well with the structured 4x4 rhythms.

C.D Packaging

This is one way I could make the cd sleeves. 

I think this method will be better suited. because it uses one sheet it means I can print onto both sides so it can double up as cd packaging and a poster or means of promotion....

I really like the simplicity of this design combined with the textures. This could be an interesting way of making it look old and worn.

Posters was something I was wanting to include in the range. I want them to have a retro theme but with a contemporary design similar to the designs above.

I am going to make a zine for the editorial section. I want it use optical techniques and information about what djs will be playing at the venue....

Hand Stamp

I have been looking into hand stamps that could be used to stamp the customers upon entry of the venue. I have ordered a self inking stamp as its more practical than a dry stamp and its for skin.


I had a look at what information is on event tickets as I will be making some for my printed material.