Monday, 6 January 2014

OUGD504- Restaurant Name Research

I was trying to think of names for my restaurant that related to type in some way. Whilst researching Japanese gods I came across one that was the God of language, learning and calligraphy that was supposed to of taught humans to write. 

I thought the Name Tenjin Yakitori bar would be the best fitting name for the brief as it has a link to typography and yakitori is the style of food being served. I decided to label it as a bar because the food is for sharing for a sociable event so I felt a bar would be the best settings for this kind of outing.

Speaking of what they look like, what makes a Japanese dragon a Japanese dragon? When most westerners picture a dragon, they’ll think of the above mentioned European style dragons with their big wings and fire breath. Japanese dragons are quite different. Japanese dragons, and Asian dragons in general, are much more serpentine than their European counterparts. Japanese dragons also only have three claws on each foot, and don’t fly as often as they lack wings.

Japanese dragons have three claws so I though I could incorporate this into my design to add to the concept. I want to include a dragon in my design but the conventional style of illustration.

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